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Caring For Your Contacts
Deposits and infectious organisms such as bacteria, viruses-etc., can build up on the surface of all contact lenses. For this reason, it is very important to keep them clean and disinfected. There are four steps in contact lens care-follow the care prescribed for your lenses:
1. Cleaning removes dirt, mucous, and other debris that gets on the lenses during wear.
2. Disinfecting kills bacteria (germs) on the lenses. Disinfecting is essential to prevent serious eye infections.
3. Rinsing removes the other solutions from the lenses and prepares the lenses for wear.
4. Enzyming uses enzyme drops or tablets to remove protein and other deposits that build up over time on the lenses.

The best way to properly care for your lenses is to develop a care routine, then stick to that routine! Remember to:
1. Follow the directions outlined by your eye doctor. Oftentimes instructions are also listed on the packaging or the package insert for the contact lens solutions prescribed for you.
2. Multi-purpose solutions can be used for more than one step in contact lens care. Read the label to see which functions the solutions can be used for.
3. Many solutions can not be used together, and not all solutions are appropriate for all types of lenses. Only use solutions recommended by your eye doctor, and check with your eye doctor if you want to switch brands.
4. When you remove your lenses, they must be cleaned, rinsed, and disinfected before they are worn again.
5. Enzyming and cleaning do not substitute for disinfecting.
6. Lenses that have been stored for more than 12 hours may need to be cleaned, disinfected, and rinsed again.
7. Make sure solution containers are kept closed tightly, stored upright, and kept in a clean, dry, cool place when youíre not using them. Keep your case clean and replace it every 2-3 months to prevent bacterial growth.
8. Donít touch container bottle tips to any surface to prevent them from becoming contaminated.
9. Throw away expired solutions (Look on the bottle for the expiration date!).
10. Use new solution in your contact lenses case every day.
11. Discuss with your eye doctor care for your lenses if you wear them while swimming in a pool or hot tub.
12. Only use approved rewetting drops for lubricating or wetting your lenses. Never place the lenses in your mouth.
13. Do not use tap water to rinse soft contact lenses.
14. Be careful with makeup, lotions, creams and sprays-consider putting on lenses before makeup and remove them before removing makeup. Also, water-based makeup is less likely to damage lenses than oil-based makeup.
Hereís what you need to watch for: Redness, blurriness, light sensitivity. Remove your lenses if you are experiencing any of these 3 things. If your eyes have not returned to normal after 24 hours, please contact our office. If you have any change in vision, comfort, or irritation, immediately remove your lenses. If there is no improvement within a couple of hours, please contact our office.